Project Description

Speedy Sprinter – FRAMLINGHAM

Speedy is a racing bike whose time has come. Historically, racing bikes have always been comparatively light for their time but they have never been as technologically advanced as Speedy who is new this year. Since people began racing bicycles they have been getting lighter and lighter. Frames have gone from forged steel to alloy or fibre, wheels are aerodynamically profiled, brakes are hi-tech and gears can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of any terrain.

Speedy has a keen amateur rider who takes him for long rides in the country and keeps him well maintained and spotlessly clean. His life is one endless day out, very often in the company of other bikers enjoying the open roads and effusive biker banter. Speedy has a carbon fibre frame, unheard of in Rusty the baker’s bike’s age, is stronger, lighter and will never rust. With 11 derailleur gears, the latest forks, brakes, wheels, tyres, handlebars and saddle he cost many thousands of pounds!

NB: Recent GB success at international competition, not least the Rio Olympics, has encouraged thousands to take up the sport as has a drive towards healthy living. All the bikes being ridden in the Men’s Tour 2017 are the equivalent to, or better than, Speedy.

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