Project Description

Eileen Yuline – LEISTON

Eileen Yuline is a comfortable bicycle made for two people. She is made of titanium to keep her strong and light. Her Mum and Dad were both hire tandems in Yangshuo, Guangxi Province. Hiring a tandem in Suffolk, or anywhere in the UK isn’t so easy and so Eileen’s owners imported her directly from China where it’s well known the bicycle is a very popular form of transport.

Eileen likes being a tandem because it’s a sociable way to travel. Tandem riders often know each other and, if not, quickly get to do so. This makes the journeys full of conversation and Eileen’s owners are old friends. On their days out she gets to learn all the gossip about their friends, work and current affairs in general. She loves this dialogue as they roll along, even if sometimes they are less than complimentary about Eileen’s saddles!

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