Project Description

Buster Record – SAXMUNDHAM

Buster was one of the first of his kind. In his youth he underwent all sorts of tests; carbon fibre stressing, metal-decay scans, wear analysis, ceramic heat thresholds, bell acoustics (just kidding)… Then he was passed to Team GB where he began pounding the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park velodrome day and night for years. Buster LOVES racing. He loves the speed, the endurance, the skill and the team spirit. He loves winning and he works his socks off to be the best.

Though, even Olympic athletes sleep – and when they do, Buster can dream. He dreams of winning competitions and training with his team mates. He dreams of trophies and medals and the adoration of his rider and the crowds.

He doesn’t have any experience of life outside of the velodrome but he sometimes thinks of what he’ll do when the competitions are over, when his time comes to bow out gracefully and move aside for the heroes of tomorrow. His retirement will be spent outside. He dreams of fresh air, forest tracks and a steady cycle along a country lane with friends. From his home in Saxmundham, he hears all sorts of tails of the day trips taken by passers-by. His retirement will be a rich reward for the years spent getting to the top of his game.

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