Project Description


Bea’s a bit of a show off. She knows it and can’t help it. “If you’re good – be a show off” she says. It’s because she’s rather good at BMX. Bea’s based in Wickham Market, but competes internationally. She has won several EUC and National BMX trophies and represented her country in the Olympics. She says she doesn’t like to talk about it – but that’s clearly not true. The Women’s juniors in Rio were the peak of her career to date coming first in the Indoor BMX de Caen – but for Bea, that’s just the start.

She’s confused by the Men’s Tour – the bikes are enormous, the riders all grown up and there’s so much fuss with police motorbikes, crowds and super-long routes. It’s a long way from the stadium competitions that she loves. Apart from the occasional run in with a photographer, there is also very little close-contact competition. Bea is used to getting her elbows out and giving opponents a good shove. Another thing – what about the jumps? Where are the jumps? You can’t have a decent bike race without jumps. We suspect that Bea is safest staying in her own little world of BMX.

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