Project Description


Rusty’s family goes way back to the 1900s when tradespeople used bicycles to deliver their products to local customers. Poor old Rusty has had a tough time. He, like those before him, is usually ridden by junior shop workers who don’t treat him as well as their own bikes. Rusty was bought in 1953, so 64 years old, by a baker in Woodbridge, as a young bike, he would travel the lanes around Woodbridge, Melton and Ufford delivering sweet-smelling, freshly baked Suffolk loaves, buns and rolls to grateful customers. As time passed the bakery got a van and then another which to begin with meant that Rusty had an easier life working closer to home. Sadly customers started buying bread from supermarkets which meant that Rusty was left to develop his signature rust, alone and neglected in the Baker’s yard. He’s hoping that appearing on this Trail will find him a kind owner who will clean him up and take him out and about from time to time…

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